Garratt Type Steam Locomotive 2-6-0.0-6-2, Railways of South Africa

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rated: Time: 03:29 Date: 07.09.2019
I have had one of the ETS "Garret" type Model Locomotives (Art 187) now for 10 years.
They are of very strongly made all steet construction with two motors that will pull the longest trains.
I live in Australia and we have two "real life" ones running in Australia...still!
A very neat, and exciting Model Locomotive to own I can reccommend them to any body.
Also ETS made two C30T Locos for me which are faithful replicas of the modified "Australian Steam" ( Art 198) tank Loco shown on Page 5 of the "Steam" types available.This 198 "Australian Steam" Loco is well made and faithful to the prototype and I urge interrested Model Railway friends to acquire one , while they still can as they are almost gone, several friends of mine have bought them and are very satisfied.
The Motors are very strong, the Loco is weighted correctly and runs smoothly with the ETS patent disengaging Gear Box for protection.
It is my pleasure to reccommend these two Loco as well as other ETS Products.
Everything has been delivered promptly and Zuzana Tomcova (the CEO) is more than helpful at all times.

A satisfyed client of many years syanding.
Bryan Hardy (AUSTRALIA)