Railway modeling and railway toy is as old as the railway itself. In fact, even older, because models of first locomotives were created before the actual locomotives were constructed. The first steam engine was constructed by Englishman Richard Trevithick in 1804. Before he decided to build a costly and risky actual machine, he built four models of different sizes. Practically everyone who designed a steam engine followed the same path.

In 2021, ETS model railroad equipment celebrated its 30th anniversary as a manufacturer of high-quality, all-metal 0 gauge trains.  Unfortunately, our founder Gustav Tauš will not be here to celebrate with us, for he died in 2015.  

Electric Train Systems specialize in all-metal 0 gauge models.  Mr. Tauš’s leadership and his enthusiasm for 0 gauge models led the company to a major position in the 0 gauge world.  Today, the second generation of ETS management continues his work with the same quality of products and the same high precision of construction.  

ETS products are rugged, all-metal models.  We take great care with every detail during their fabrication and assembly. All models are scaled-down miniatures of real locomotives and rolling stock.  We use traditional tinplate technology that guarantees strong and reliable products.  Small parts are metal castings, and all wheel bearings are carefully engineered.  Because ETS models are assembled with nuts and bolts, they are easy for enthusiasts to modify.

ETS driving units are equipped with high-quality five-pole electric can motors.  Torque is transmitted to driving wheels by worm gears coupled with patented automatic clutches that disconnect the motors from the drive trains when power is cut.  This enables the locomotives to coast freely.

Set 229P + 509 + 302 + 306 

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